3 Fun Activities to Encourage Motor Development

In the early days, your baby will develop motor skills that are important in learning things like crawling, reaching and so many more milestones. Motor skills are defined by two categories:

  • Fine Motor- controls the ability to use your hands to eat, write/draw, pick up small items, etc.
  • Gross Motor- works with the larger muscles in the body that are used to crawl, walk, stand, roll over, etc.

With lots of practice, your babies movements will go from random and jerky to self-led and controlled. Read on to learn exercises to help strengthen your babies motor development in a fun, healthy & interactive way!

Here are 3 activities I love to do with my baby for motor skills development:

  • Bicycle Kicks- lay your baby on his/her back and gently rotate each leg back & forth as if they’re peddling on a bicycle; sing a song or talk to engage your baby. This exercise is not only good for range of motion but is also known to relieve trapped gas.
  • Rock & Roll- Start with baby on their tummy. Rock your baby gently from side to side, starting at the shoulders then do the same starting at their legs. They will eventually become familiar with these movements and will learn to roll over on their own.
  • Follow The Leader- Perform small actions like clapping, opening & closing your hands or waving for baby to learn how to imitate; as baby catches on, add more complex actions. This is great for bonding as well as fine motor development.

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