How To: Homeschool For NEARLY Free

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Photo Credit: Mecca Madina Homeschool setup

I’ve been a mom for almost 8 years now and I’ve ALWAYS loved teaching my kids in the comfort of our own home; the benefits are endless starting with a quality education tailored to your child. I’m going to teach you how to homeschool for free!

With the pandemic hitting a couple years back and technical difficulties many parents faced with virtual school, many of my friends asked “how do you manage homeschool?” or say something like “how am I supposed to work AND make sure my child is in attendance for virtual school? The schedules just don’t work.” That, coupled with the cost of curriculum and supplies; many curriculum bundles are hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Well, that’s part of my reason for choosing to homeschool. Now, I have more time with my children and can create their schedule to fit our family needs too. Whether I wanna do school 365 days a year or a few days a week for four hours each day, that’s up to me. I also don’t spend too much on curriculum and supplies as I create our curriculum and some of the supplies are sometimes items we may already have at home, recyclables or books and videos from our local library.

In this blog post, I’ll be giving you a list of free or low-cost resources for successful homeschooling!

  1. they have thousands of worksheets, online games, projects, and so much more for preschool all the way to 8th grade searchable by category or topic.
  2. Teachers Pay Teachers: you can find so many resources by subject, resource type or grade; while they have tons of things for free, some of it does cost.
  3. Newsela: there’s a free and pro version. It uses news stories to teach literacy so students are up to date on current events.
  4. Khan Academy: students K-12 can study at their own pace to learn math, science, history, and more including SAT and AP courses.
  5. your child wants to learn to code? This is the site for them! They’ll learn coding, online privacy, and digital citizenship.

In conclusion, homeschool does NOT have to break the bank and despite popular belief, doesn’t need a traditional school schedule. Stay tuned for my next homeschool blog, ‘The 7 Homeschool Models’, to learn more!

If you like these FREE resources, there’s more where that came from. Just let me know exactly what you’re in search of. If you need worksheets but don’t have time to find the ones you need, send me a message and also check me out at!

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